What is the difference between a hand truck and a dolly?

hand truck and dollys

Having the right lifting equipment is absolutely essential when it comes to moving large and heavy objects. This is where you will need to use either a hand truck or a Platform Truck.

But which is the hand trolley, folding hand truck, Platform Truck, aluminum hand truck, steel hand truck, or multi-purpose hand truck that you need the most?

What is the difference between them and which one will be the best for your needs? Don’t worry, we have the answers below!

What is the difference between a Dolly ,a hand truck and a hand cart?

Hand truck

The hand truck is L-shaped with large, upright wheels. The main difference between a hand truck and a dolly is that the loading platform of the trolley is flush with the ground. To use it, simply slide the platform under the item you want to move and tilt the metal frame of the trolley towards you so that it is now balanced on its wheels. This way you can easily roll your goods to where they need to go.

Hand trucks are great for moving tall items like closets or refrigerators, as well as moving small stackable items like boxes.


A dolly or cart has a raised platform – keeping your items off the ground. The hand cart or dolly requires you to pick up and place these items on the hand cart. Dolly carts are usually used for smaller items such as groceries, clothing, water containers, boxes, etc.

The dolly/hand cart can also be used with accessories such as bags and crates. It is customary to purchase a dolly cart with a custom fit bag for the cart to allow for the transportation of loose items such as groceries or clothing.

Platform Trucks

This type of trolley has a raised platform and four wheels that fit completely underneath heavy objects so that they can be lifted off the ground and moved easily. It is designed for transporting large items, such as pianos, furniture or large appliances. Unlike a hand truck, there are no levers or lifting mechanisms, so you’ll likely need help lifting your items onto the hand trolley.

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